Best Retro Video Game Commericals

Link outdated - feature is no longer available on GameDaily. // Sept. 17, 2007

This line-up was published as a part of our "We Love Retro Games" package (for Valentine's Day... ish. For gamers who celebrate Valentine's Day - or don't... soemthing like that. It had to do with 'love' and so does Valentine's Day. ) back in February. My contribution was a list of ten best retro video game commercials (and corresponding Youtube clips) - and the fun part was, I think the only one I was old enough to remember was the Dr. Mario "Oo ee oo aah aah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang" one.

This was the week when everyone around the office and during pitch meetings were like, "Oh my god, remember that one with Burgertime?" while I sat awkwardly until someone would ask me if I even knew what those games were.

"No... I was born in 1987."