Interview: Fred Willard’s Hot for Brains

Updated links to new GameDaily URLs. // Sept. 17, 2007

This one was actually really fun - it's one of the few interviews for GameDaily that I got to conduct in person as opposed to over the phone. When my boss first told me that I was interviewing Fred Willard, I recognized the name but couldn't match it with a face. Naturally, I Wikipedia-ed him. Turns out I knew him as the wacky father-in-law of Ray's brother, Robert, on 'Everybody Loves Raymond.'

I got to the hotel and was escorted upstairs to his penthouse suite. I introduced myself, we sat down and chatted a bit about the game (he was trying to beat a minigame as I walked in - the lead 'graph in the interview isn't a lie... :) ) before I started the recorder. He was a superb interview - very easy to talk to, funny, talkative, cute in that 'I'm old and I don't know much about video games but they're great!' way. Definitely an entertaining experience.

Was video game voicing a lifelong dream?
It’s a lot of fun; it’s the kind of thing I love to do, to put your voice on something. In this, it makes you sound very intelligent. I’m the head of this Hot Brain institute, so people will think, “Gee, Fred Willard, they must have gotten him because he’s so smart!”