So I had this $50 Best Buy gift card sitting around from our team's second place finish in the College Puzzle Challenge a few weeks ago, and was looking for some good Black Fridays deals to spend it on. Well, I didn't find any, but I decided to go for The Orange Box anyway (ended up paying $4.50 for it). A friend recently ripped a copy of Windows XP for me to run on my iMac, and I thought it was high time that I play *some* legitimate PC game (aside from Peggle).

Decided to launch Portal first, see what the hype is about.

So three hours later, my mind is going to melt and I'm taking a break.

But even then, I can't. I keep looking at my suitemate sitting in her chair and thinking of interesting places/orientations she would fly out if I stuck a portal under her chair and let her fall through.

And now that she's left the room because I told her just that and I think I freaked her out... I keep staring at blank spaces in my wall and mentally projecting blue or orange holes.

I need some sleep. And more Portal.