Month: December 2007

Christmas Day at the Chien's

Irvine, CA. Went to celebrate with variety of extended family. Stayed overnight and watched 'Stardust,' then drove back this afternoon. Click on photo above for slideshow :)

Presents & Photo Time

The Yang Christmas Eve 2007 photos are up. Click image above to proceed to slideshow. More photos to come tomorrow during part two!

This photo, courtesy of Dad, is mad cute.

Updated link to new gallery.

Nothing Beats...

...sitting in a car by the beach on a warm December night, talking to your oldest friend about past, present, future, mistakes, silliness, boys, crushes, loves, sex, kisses, careers, heartbreak, hilarity, and hairiness. I've missed home so very much.

He Sounds... Nice.

Boss: I just talked to [guy who I had worked with before] on the phone. He sounds... nice. Like, if you met him, he'd be ... really nice.
Me: You mean he sounds hot?
Boss: Yea, that's what I was trying to say, without saying it.

For the record, yes, he does sound hot.

Subway Jazz

59th Street stop on the 1/2/3 uptown platform.

Making a Wish

Making a Wish
Penny Harvest Field 2007 at Rockefeller Center. Read the story here.

Money Management

I've been trying to take control of my spending lately, partly because I realize I've developed some bad habits as a result of earning a good amount from the internship but not yet having to pay bills. The other part is I need to start saving so that this stuff can happen. Also... saving money in general is good.

I've started using Wesabe, one of a few up-and-coming money management tools on the web. It allows you to import data from your bank and credit cards, then tag items with keywords like "clothing, food, travel" and so on. Wesabe generates a bunch of pretty graphs and charts and stats from this data, which is why I'm able to say that I'm spending WAY too much money on American Eagle clothing.

Point is, money tracking = good. Look for a new thriftier me -- after I do all this holiday shopping, of course.

Experiments in Light

I was inspired recently to do some test work with still life and a really ghetto lighting setup -- lamp with clothes draped over it, torn out sheet of sketch paper for bottom/reflector(ish). Itching at the opportunity to do some portraits. My sister's going to have to deal with me using her as a guinea pig when I get home.

Click photo to see rest of the experiment.

Notes - need more light to be able to control the light. Need more diversity of things to photograph.

Travel Plans: New Places Edition

1) Malibu for a decidedly un-White Christmas. December 20 - January 14.
1a) Possible trip to Mammoth for a White post-Christmas. Dates: TBA.
2) St. Patty's Day in Dublin and Galway. March 14 - 16.
3) Rest of Spring Break in Bologna. March 16 - 23.
4) 4 weeks abroad in Barcelona. Dates: TBA.

Things are starting to get exciting.

Companion Cube Papercraft

Weighted (Paper) Companion Cube

Someone needs a lesson on priorities.

Carol: I saw a Dementor today.
Me: What?
Carol: I saw a Dementor today. You know, like in Harry Potter. I was driving on PCH and there was this Dementor on the side of the road--
Me: Did you summon a Patronus to protect you?
Carol: Of course not! I need both hands to drive!
Me: *face palm*