Month: January 2008

01/22/2007 - Inspirations

DSC_0037.jpgThe National - Fake Empire
Good Vibrations - Gym Class Heroes
Gotta Be Somebody's Blues - Jimmy Eat World

Blank notebooks, fresh pens, uncracked book bindings

Pretty patterns, cardstock, brads on paper flowers [pictured]

Crunching Numbers

Courses this semester: 6
Total credits: 18
Hours at work: 20
Extracurriculars (excl. work): 3
Days until birthday: 28
Days until spring break: 53
Number of Prison Break episodes left: 4
Fox River escapees still alive: 5
Fox River escapees still interesting: 2
Kills as Scout in Team Fortress 2: 5
Kills as Solider: 2
Days playing Team Fortress 2: Over 1 month

After the Rain

Took a walk to the beach on Point this afternoon with Mom. Click photo for more from today's outing.

(Other exciting news: finally plunked down money for Flickr Pro, since I've been well over the 200 photo limit for a while now.)

Games With Boys

I still play games with boys by lying to them instead of just straight out telling them I'm not interested.

Boy: Can I come upstairs for a bit?
Me: No, my roommate's probably asleep.

Boy: Do you want to find somewhere quieter?
Me: No, I really like these strobe lights.

Boy: Can I have your number?
Me: Sure, it's [fake number].

Boy: Can I come over for a little bit?
Me: No, I'm really stressed out about my finals.

I'm sure that somewhere down the line, it's called 'leading them on,' but I really can't bring myself to tell the truth. Is it my problem that they're asking to begin with?