Exclusion Suite, S01E01

Filming started on Exclusion Suite this morning at 7am - we were on location at 1020 by 6am, setting up shots and weary-eyed extras in order to finish shooting at the bar by noon (this is after I got drunk and rode on a mechanical bull last night... it was not easy to get up).

We wrapped around 11:50am and moved all of our stuff out - crew A filmed a scene in front of East Campus while crew B started setting up our suite for interior shots. It had started raining, and we were all pretty much frozen by the time our outdoor shots were finished.

The second half of filming is taking place as I write - we're doing the scenes where our exclusion suite suitemates first meet each other. Filming is scheduled to commence around 11pm tonight - we'll see how that goes!

Camera was on hand to capture all the off-camera moments - some of the bar photos turned out amazingly. Click the main image to see the flickr slideshow of the first half (more to come from later tonight - keep checking the set).

It's been awesome so far. Tiring, but really awesome.

[link] ExclusionSuite.com