Month: March 2008


milan, bologna, florence, riccione. statues (naked). wine. dimly lit streets. narrow alleyways with punk rock kids. gelato and cappuccinos and cafe (espressos). statues (real people). fresh markets, dried fruits. open air. ordering things in ones twos and fives. empty cozy restaurants with cheery old italian hosts. (more) wine. panini and pizza. balconies with ashtrays and a small gathering of matchsticks.


dublin, galway. green. mini cadbury eggs. guinness. shady handsy potential ex-IRA members. (more guinness) and cobblestones everywhere. leprechauns and david spade-alikes. charming danish boys. insects and sea creatures on parade. vodka and fanta at the mcdonald's. rainy buses.

Never Have I Ever

It's alive.

Exclusion Suite, Episode One: "Never Have I Ever"

Flying out to Europe (Dublin and Italy) tonight. Be back on the 23rd!

Exclusion Suite, S01E02

So our first episode's hit a few snags in terms of editing, but it's due out by the end of the week, along with a bitchin' party at 1020, the Morningside Heights bar featured towards the end of "Never Have I Ever." Production photos can be found at this Flickr photoset.

Oh, and the adorable little girl you're going "Awwwww" over is director Rob Brink's daughter, Izzy. She and her mother stopped by the set to say hi. Izzy's pretty much our unofficial mascot now. Does anyone else see a resemblance to Pearl the Landlord?

Stay tuned for news on the release of episode one.