Month: May 2008

My Week-long Retail Experience

So I managed to secure a retail job at the Victoria's Secret on Third Street Promenade this past Monday. These are the reasons I'm quitting after working for less than a week:

1) The pay is shit.
2) It takes an hour to drive to Santa Monica, and another hour back (given mediocre traffic).
3) The pay is shit and I only get about 15 hours a week.
4) Parking costs $3-7 per day I work.
5) Trying to hawk store credit cards and upsell make me want to shoot myself.
6) Standing for 3 hours at a time (with 15 min breaks) in heels is death. And I *like* heels.
7) A manager must escort you to the front door and inspect your handbag every time you leave the store. NO JOKE.
8) The pay is shit.

All in all, it's not worth it, considering that after gas, taxes, and parking, I'm making less than $100 a week.

[GameDaily] Steal That Style: Niko Bellic

StealNikosStyle_3.jpgWe like to mix things up. Here's a recent feature that I put together detailing the style behind main Grand Theft Auto IV character Niko Bellic's badassery.

The idea came from men's site's 'Steal That Style' series, where they dissect clothing choices of celebrity men.

[Link] Steal That Style: GTA IV's Niko Bellic

My Next Two Weeks

sunsetmalibu.png Monday, May 5 - Finish Sociology research proposal by 5pm.

Tuesday, May 6 - Finish last week's stats homework, turn in to SIPA. Go to work. Health appt. at 6pm.

Wednesday, May 7 - Work. Finish Sociology of Sexuality take-home final. FIND SOMEWHERE TO CRASH.

Thursday, May 8 - Turn in final. Work. Start research for stats project. Read for immigration final.

Friday, May 9 - Work. Take a break?

Saturday, May 10 to Monday, May 12 - Study for immigration final, finish stats project.

Tuesday, May 13 - Turn in stats project.Take immigration final 1-4pm. Celebrate.

Wednesday, May 14 - Work. Pack. Sell used books. Shopping for dress and shoes. Find somewhere to crash for Saturday night.

Thursday, May 15 - Work. DUHH. Pack. Shopping continued.

Friday, May 16 - Work. Finish packing. Shopping finish if necessary.

Saturday, May 17 - Suitcases to wherever I'm crashing tonight. JB's wedding in the afternoon, reception at night. PARTY.

Sunday, May 18 - Leave for [see image].

How to Deal With GTA IV

If you're a parent... don't buy it for your kid. It's violent, there is blood, and yes, there are prostitutes. You wouldn't let you kid watch Scarface, would you?

If you're mainstream media... please research and actually play the game. Or just watch a regular gameplay session. You don't earn points by killing cops. You aren't forced to have sex with prostitutes and then kill them. It's called sandbox gameplay, and honestly? There are much more interesting things to do in the game, such as hijack an airplane (I'm kidding. Not really.)

If you're a mature, responsible gamer... remember the moment you bought the game because your grandchildren will ask you about it in their future media studies classes and/or likely refer to some new "culturally deviant" form of entertainment as the Elvis or Grand Theft Auto of their time.

If you're Jack Thompson... go away. I can use harsher words (like the ones they teach me in GTA) but I won't.

It's really that simple, guys.