How to Deal With GTA IV

If you're a parent... don't buy it for your kid. It's violent, there is blood, and yes, there are prostitutes. You wouldn't let you kid watch Scarface, would you?

If you're mainstream media... please research and actually play the game. Or just watch a regular gameplay session. You don't earn points by killing cops. You aren't forced to have sex with prostitutes and then kill them. It's called sandbox gameplay, and honestly? There are much more interesting things to do in the game, such as hijack an airplane (I'm kidding. Not really.)

If you're a mature, responsible gamer... remember the moment you bought the game because your grandchildren will ask you about it in their future media studies classes and/or likely refer to some new "culturally deviant" form of entertainment as the Elvis or Grand Theft Auto of their time.

If you're Jack Thompson... go away. I can use harsher words (like the ones they teach me in GTA) but I won't.

It's really that simple, guys.