My Next Two Weeks

sunsetmalibu.png Monday, May 5 - Finish Sociology research proposal by 5pm.

Tuesday, May 6 - Finish last week's stats homework, turn in to SIPA. Go to work. Health appt. at 6pm.

Wednesday, May 7 - Work. Finish Sociology of Sexuality take-home final. FIND SOMEWHERE TO CRASH.

Thursday, May 8 - Turn in final. Work. Start research for stats project. Read for immigration final.

Friday, May 9 - Work. Take a break?

Saturday, May 10 to Monday, May 12 - Study for immigration final, finish stats project.

Tuesday, May 13 - Turn in stats project.Take immigration final 1-4pm. Celebrate.

Wednesday, May 14 - Work. Pack. Sell used books. Shopping for dress and shoes. Find somewhere to crash for Saturday night.

Thursday, May 15 - Work. DUHH. Pack. Shopping continued.

Friday, May 16 - Work. Finish packing. Shopping finish if necessary.

Saturday, May 17 - Suitcases to wherever I'm crashing tonight. JB's wedding in the afternoon, reception at night. PARTY.

Sunday, May 18 - Leave for [see image].