My Week-long Retail Experience

So I managed to secure a retail job at the Victoria's Secret on Third Street Promenade this past Monday. These are the reasons I'm quitting after working for less than a week:

1) The pay is shit.
2) It takes an hour to drive to Santa Monica, and another hour back (given mediocre traffic).
3) The pay is shit and I only get about 15 hours a week.
4) Parking costs $3-7 per day I work.
5) Trying to hawk store credit cards and upsell make me want to shoot myself.
6) Standing for 3 hours at a time (with 15 min breaks) in heels is death. And I *like* heels.
7) A manager must escort you to the front door and inspect your handbag every time you leave the store. NO JOKE.
8) The pay is shit.

All in all, it's not worth it, considering that after gas, taxes, and parking, I'm making less than $100 a week.