Month: July 2008

Clip Reel: CNN's Show and Tell - Women in Gaming

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So last week during E3, CNN had Libe hosting a short segment on Women in Gaming. I ended up in the background of a lot of the b-roll on the Rock Band segment. I'm the chick on the bass guitar (in case it wasn't painfully obvious).

Also, that's my heel you see on the 1-second drum pedal shot at 1:30. That's how I rock.

E3 Says it Loves Us But Our Therapist Thinks It's an Abusive Relationship

This was originally going to be a Best/Worst of E3 2008 post, but I ended up contributing to the GameDaily one anyway, so that went out the window. I'm responsible for these Bests: Resident Evil 5, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, and Worsts: You're in the Movies, Wii MotionPlus.

Instead, here's a gem of a quote from Chris Grant from when I was driving him and the Joystiqs around LA last week.

"Bungie and Microsoft are like the couple that always argues, and everyone knows it. But then one day he slaps her, in public, and everyone is like, 'Whoa, did that really just happen?'"
- Joystiq Editor-in-Chief Chris Grant, on the Bungie snub during Microsoft's E3 2008 Conference.

Quicksilver + Summize/Twitter Search = Instant Microblogging Trends

[Updated] Clarified a few points to help out anyone who was having trouble. Points: 1) Make sure you have the Web Search module installed. 2) Check your 'target' panel to make sure it's empty. Thanks, @lightmanx5!

Quicksilver, as many have said before me, is one of those Mac OS X tools that is hard to describe, but also hard to live without once you've gotten used to. It's an application launcher, but also a hotkey binder, a web search, a system search, a music controller, a note taker -- all depending on how extensible you want it to be. If you're a Mac user and haven't given it a chance yet, I recommend you do so - it increases my productivity tenfold.

In any case, for those who have already discovered its awesomeness, here's one more cool thing that you can get Quicksilver to do: instant Summize/Twitter Search (by the way, Twitter acquiring Summize was by the far the smartest thing they've done in the last few months).

I've had a hotkey set up for searching Google since I started using Quicksilver (mine is Shift-Command-1), and I use it all the time for quick queries. And recently, I've been using Summize to track people talking about E3 on Twitter. What's the next logical step? Set up Quicksilver to query Twitter for trends! Yay!

Step 1: Install Quicksilver
Download latest version here. There are great sites to help you get started in the tutorials section. For this setup, you'll need to install the Web Search plugin, as well!

Step 2: Set Up Query Bookmark
Quicksilver responds to links prefixed with 'qss-'. If you look at the search results URL for any Twitter search, it looks something like this: ('robinyang' being our search example).

So take one of those URLs and bookmark it in a web browser. It doesn't need to be accessible through the bookmarks bar or menu; I hide it in a folder I use just for Quicksilver queries. Then change the name to something like "twitter search" and change the url address to this:

The *** tells Quicksilver that this is where your search term should go in the URL. If you've done everything right so far, you should be able to click on that bookmark and invoke a Quicksilver panel for Twitter search. Type a search term, and it should lead you to the Twitter search results page. Awesome yet? Moving on...

hotkey_assign.jpgStep 3: Set Up Quicksilver Trigger
Bring up the Quicksilver triggers panel by hitting your usual Quicksilver invoke key, then Command-' (that's an apostrophe). Click the (+) button to add a new hotkey assignment. Navigate to the bookmark you just created by typing "twitter search" (or whatever you named your bookmark). If you can't find it, check that you have the Web Search module installed. The Action panel should default to 'Search for Text on Web.' Make sure the Target panel says "Type to Search" (select the box and hit Command-X to get rid of any extraneous text, including the text icon!). Just one more step to go!

Step 4: Set Up Hotkey
Select your new trigger (it should be labeled "qss-***") and click the (I) Info button. Alternately, double-click 'None' in the Trigger column. Hit the 'Edit' button to set up a new hotkey combo for this trigger. I'm using Shift-Command-2 since my Google search is Shift-Command-1. And voila! That should be it.

Want More?
Here is a list of more web search URLs that you can set up with Quicksilver triggers and hotkeys. Spread the word. :)

Post-E3 Link Roundup


Hands-On: Flower: The follow-up to 2007's flOw makes interesting strides, but we're still waiting for something more.

Eyes-On: inFamous: Sucker Punch's new action adventure is more impressive than screenshots and trailers can show.

Hands-On: Rock Band II: Rock Band's second tour is one we can't wait for.

Hands-On: Flock: We don't know what, exactly, makes assorted spherical farm animals so gosh darn cute. Whatever it is, we like it.

Hands-On: Mirror's Edge: DICE's sleek new first person adventure game turns heads... and corners.

Hands-On: LEGO Batman: The Dark Knight snaps into his LEGO debut.


Crashed a Gears of War 2 party with @batgirl. Played Rock Band 2 for hours with @nickchester. Ran into @russ_fischer like, everywhere. Brief encounter pre-concert with @majornelson. Finally met @gamingangel, even though she was lame and totally ditched the party. Drove @chrisgrant and his band of jolly Joystiq-ers around. Was about to open for The Who with @tiffchow but everyone rushed to get good seats. High-fived @HarmonixSean more times than I can recall. Caught @ncroal with phones in both hands on multiple occasions (see proof below).


N'Gai on the phone while everyone else was partying.
N'Gai on the phone AT THE WHO CONCERT. Geoff Keighley looks on.
GameDaily takes over Microsoft Press Conference.
Robin and Libe at El Compadre (with Rockstar Games' Steve Hahnel and Bruce Dugan hanging out in the background).
Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos chugging a Heineken while still managing to get 100% on his expert guitar solo.
Duffy performs at Microsoft Presser.
Robin performs headbang at Rock Band suite party, or is the girl from The Grudge.

Numbers From E3, Part One

Real meals in last 48 hours: 1.5
Drinks: fartoomanytocount
Correct to incorrect driving ratio: 0.4
Parties crashed: 2
Twitter friends -> real people: 5
VG 'names' met: 3
Rock Band songs sung: 5
Songs drummed: 2
Songs bassed: 2

Robin's First E3 (or, Potentially Everyone Else's Last E3)

I'll be covering the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA for the next week. It's a lot of games, a lot of press conferences, and hopefully some degree of parties, too.

What I'll be doing:
• Live-twittering the big press conferences.
• Checking out my assigned games (Rock Band, Lego Batman).
• Wearing a t-shirt with this badass graphic.
• Meeting up with some games writers from Twitter.
• Hanging with GameDaily staffers, who rarely get to work in the same room.
• Having a great time on [Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft/EA]'s dime.

Check my Twitter page for all the live updates, sightings, photos, and more. Check our Guide to E3 page and main site for breaking news.

See you on the flip side!