E3 Says it Loves Us But Our Therapist Thinks It's an Abusive Relationship

This was originally going to be a Best/Worst of E3 2008 post, but I ended up contributing to the GameDaily one anyway, so that went out the window. I'm responsible for these Bests: Resident Evil 5, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, and Worsts: You're in the Movies, Wii MotionPlus.

Instead, here's a gem of a quote from Chris Grant from when I was driving him and the Joystiqs around LA last week.

"Bungie and Microsoft are like the couple that always argues, and everyone knows it. But then one day he slaps her, in public, and everyone is like, 'Whoa, did that really just happen?'"
- Joystiq Editor-in-Chief Chris Grant, on the Bungie snub during Microsoft's E3 2008 Conference.