Post-E3 Link Roundup


Hands-On: Flower: The follow-up to 2007's flOw makes interesting strides, but we're still waiting for something more.

Eyes-On: inFamous: Sucker Punch's new action adventure is more impressive than screenshots and trailers can show.

Hands-On: Rock Band II: Rock Band's second tour is one we can't wait for.

Hands-On: Flock: We don't know what, exactly, makes assorted spherical farm animals so gosh darn cute. Whatever it is, we like it.

Hands-On: Mirror's Edge: DICE's sleek new first person adventure game turns heads... and corners.

Hands-On: LEGO Batman: The Dark Knight snaps into his LEGO debut.


Crashed a Gears of War 2 party with @batgirl. Played Rock Band 2 for hours with @nickchester. Ran into @russ_fischer like, everywhere. Brief encounter pre-concert with @majornelson. Finally met @gamingangel, even though she was lame and totally ditched the party. Drove @chrisgrant and his band of jolly Joystiq-ers around. Was about to open for The Who with @tiffchow but everyone rushed to get good seats. High-fived @HarmonixSean more times than I can recall. Caught @ncroal with phones in both hands on multiple occasions (see proof below).


N'Gai on the phone while everyone else was partying.
N'Gai on the phone AT THE WHO CONCERT. Geoff Keighley looks on.
GameDaily takes over Microsoft Press Conference.
Robin and Libe at El Compadre (with Rockstar Games' Steve Hahnel and Bruce Dugan hanging out in the background).
Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos chugging a Heineken while still managing to get 100% on his expert guitar solo.
Duffy performs at Microsoft Presser.
Robin performs headbang at Rock Band suite party, or is the girl from The Grudge.