Robin's First E3 (or, Potentially Everyone Else's Last E3)

I'll be covering the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA for the next week. It's a lot of games, a lot of press conferences, and hopefully some degree of parties, too.

What I'll be doing:
• Live-twittering the big press conferences.
• Checking out my assigned games (Rock Band, Lego Batman).
• Wearing a t-shirt with this badass graphic.
• Meeting up with some games writers from Twitter.
• Hanging with GameDaily staffers, who rarely get to work in the same room.
• Having a great time on [Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft/EA]'s dime.

Check my Twitter page for all the live updates, sightings, photos, and more. Check our Guide to E3 page and main site for breaking news.

See you on the flip side!