Month: April 2009

GameDaily Bylines, Jan - April

Halo Encyclopedia to Hit Stores in Nov. 2009
The 352-page full color book will detail the Halo universe's characters, vehicles, locations and more.

Rock Band Joins PSP Setlist on June 9, 2009
New trailer for Rock Band's handheld debut shows off the game's instrument-less controls.

Quiz Time! Which Game is This Box Quote From?
Video game boxes are supposed to convince us that THIS is the game we want to buy, but we couldn't help feeling that these descriptions over-represent the game inside the box.

Rant: What's In a Game Name?
BioShock and Call of Duty lead the hubbub over official titles. We say: who cares?

Fake Headlines: 10 We Wish Were True & 10 That Actually Came True
It's April Fool's day, so yes, we're know you're already skeptical of every headline on the internet.

Husband Kills Wife Over Grand Theft Auto
In an ironic twist, the man stabbed his game-playing wife, who was obsessed with GTA.

Report: Violent Games Improve Your Eyes
Kids, print this one out for your parents: a new study suggests playing violent games can improve your eyesight.

Totally Twisted Pokemon
These bizarre Pokemon drawings had us LOLing all day long.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Confirmed
Fresh out of last night's Game Developer Choice Awards, a new teaser trailer for Infinity Ward's highly anticipated sequel.

Behind the Scenes Video: Beyonce Talks Rhythm Heaven and the New DSi
Super Mario player, Wii lover and R&B popstar kicks off the Nintendo DSi ad campaign with the quirky musical game.

[Update] Fallout 3 DLC Now Fixed, Ready to Download
Bethesda pulls downloadable episode, The Pitt, just hours after its release.

GTA Cover Gets Nintendo Power Banned from School
Wait, we're not allowed to read about video games either?

Gotta Catch 'Em All: Pokemon Cosplay at Pokemon Platinum Launch
GameDaily ventured out into chilly New York last Saturday for the launch of Pokemon Platinum for the DS. Nintendo brought music, carnival games and even a prize-filled ball pit -- fans brought their best costumes.

Big Sister Comes Out to Play in BioShock 2
Rapture's little sisters have all grown up - see the first image of BioShock 2's sleek antagonist.

New Tomb Raider: Underworld Download Hits Xbox 360
Play as Lara's evil twin in the new Xbox 360-exclusive add-on, Lara's Shadow, available now for 10 bucks.

Exclusive: New Godfather II Trailer
We get an early look at the new Godfather II trailer. Spoiler: the game will feature guns and explosions. Probably a lot of them.

Pre-Order GTA: Chinatown Wars, Get Exclusive Content
Unlock a souped-up sports car if you pre-order the upcoming DS game through Amazon.

Spore Wants You to Create Its Best App
Heads up, aspiring developers! Maxis is challenging you to create the coolest Spore app ever.

First Footage: Spore Galactic Adventures
EA's god simulator gets its second expansion pack this spring. Check out the first footage of its new features!

Street Fighter IV Launch Party Brings Out Hollywood's Stars
Fans of the fighting series brushed elbows with the LA elite at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Madden NFL 09 Predicts Super Bowl XLIII's Champions!
EA's annual football video game calls the Steelers victory over a week before the big matchup.

Second Gears of War 2 Title Update ReleasedExtensive fixes include patched exploits, improved balancing and seven new achievements.

More Steve Miller, Godsmack and Mute Math Come to Rock Band
Celebrate inauguration week with "The Joker," "Space Cowboy" and more.

Halo Wars Soundtrack Hits February 17
Ensemble Studios' Halo RTS gets a two-disc score treatment.

Resident Evil 5 Xbox Live Demo arrives Jan. 26
Resident Evil 5 demo premieres exclusively on the Xbox Live; PlayStation 3 demo to follow.

Preview: Patapon 2
All the good parts of the original Patapon remain, but some of the bad parts tagged along too.