Month: June 2009

E3 2009 Articles

Hands-On: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
A new Phantom companion freshens up the dungeons in the DS's second Zelda game, even if we're still unsatisfied with the controls.

Hands-On: Joker Challenges Maps in Batman: Arkham Asylum
We got our hands on the PS3-exclusive Challenge Maps for the game featuring one of Arkham's crazier residents, the Joker.

We Play New Super Mario Bros. on Wii
We had so much fun with this game they had to pry the controller from our hands.

Impressions: Bioshock 2 Multiplayer
The series' long awaited multiplayer mode puts us smack in the middle of the civil war that destroyed Rapture before the events of the original Bioshock.

Feet-On: Tony Hawk Ride
We get our skate on with Activision's new motion-sensing controller (and manage not to fall off!)

Impressions: Guitar Hero 5
Activision's second entry in the full band music game shows promise and growth in the series.

Hands and Feet-On: Wii Fit Plus
We checked out three minigames designed to test our coordination and balance in Nintendo's fitness sequel.

Rock-On: LEGO Rock Band
The family-friendly LEGO series brings bricks and humor to the familiar beat-matching music series.

GameDaily Bylines, May

Lord of the Rings MMO for 360 to Potentially Debut at $12.99/month
An online survey reveals subscription fees, downloadable content and features for the upcoming (still unconfirmed) game.

Jay-Z and Eminem to Collaborate on DJ Hero
Songs from both artists will be featured in the game as well as a special edition bundle.

Video Games Rating PSA Creeps Us Out
Boston's mayor spearheads a new ratings education campaign.

BioShock Movie: Not Dead Yet!
'Prison Break' star Wentworth Miller hints at involvement in the movie.

How-To: Speed Up Loading Times on the Wii
A step-by-step guide to backing up your (legally purchased!) games to an external USB hard drive.

Microsoft Zune HD: the iPhone Killer?
Microsoft announces Zune HD, Xbox Live Integration and hints that more's coming soon

Guitar Hero 5 Rocks Out on September 1
New modes, songs and bands mean music fans will be rocking hard come this fall.

Watch Now: Full 2-Minute Modern Warfare 2 Trailer
Helis, stabbing, explosives and an evil European mastermind? This certainly ain't your father's Call of Duty.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Free-Flow Combat Mode Detailed
The dark knight doing what he does best: close-quarters combat against nameless thugs!

See BioShock 2's Big (and Little!) Sister in Action
Book our return tickets back to Rapture, please.

UFC 2009 Undisputed Recreates Classic Fights
UFC matchmaker Joe Silva teams up with publisher THQ to bring fan-favorite fights to the new mixed martial arts game.

More Pearl Jam Coming to Rock Band With Fan Favorites
Live tracks from the band's discography will be featured in a new project with Harmonix and MTV Games.

More Modern Warfare 2 Footage Surfaces
A short 15-second clip reveals helis, jets, subs and snowmobiles -- looks like Infinity Ward's anticipated shooter will be attacking on all fronts.

Peach, Chun-Li and Friends Get Naughty
Los Angeles burlesque show hosts Video Game Girls night. Barely safe for work photos follow!