E3 2009 Articles

Hands-On: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
A new Phantom companion freshens up the dungeons in the DS's second Zelda game, even if we're still unsatisfied with the controls.

Hands-On: Joker Challenges Maps in Batman: Arkham Asylum
We got our hands on the PS3-exclusive Challenge Maps for the game featuring one of Arkham's crazier residents, the Joker.

We Play New Super Mario Bros. on Wii
We had so much fun with this game they had to pry the controller from our hands.

Impressions: Bioshock 2 Multiplayer
The series' long awaited multiplayer mode puts us smack in the middle of the civil war that destroyed Rapture before the events of the original Bioshock.

Feet-On: Tony Hawk Ride
We get our skate on with Activision's new motion-sensing controller (and manage not to fall off!)

Impressions: Guitar Hero 5
Activision's second entry in the full band music game shows promise and growth in the series.

Hands and Feet-On: Wii Fit Plus
We checked out three minigames designed to test our coordination and balance in Nintendo's fitness sequel.

Rock-On: LEGO Rock Band
The family-friendly LEGO series brings bricks and humor to the familiar beat-matching music series.