Month: August 2009

GameDaily Bylines, End of August

A Feature... Ten More Uses for the Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard
It may only be compatible with one video game, but look at all the other things the $120 peripheral can do!

A Preview... The Beatles: Rock Band Story Mode Unlocks Rare Beatles Photos, Clips
Candid shots of the Fab Four will include anecdotes and trivia fact-checked by Paul McCartney himself.

A Post... Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Un-Boxed!
We unboxed our most puzzling box yet!


It's been exactly 65 days since Michael Jackson died. I wrote a retrospective of his role in video games almost as soon as the news hit. Classless, sure. But that's what you do when there's pressure to be timely and relevant for the exposure and potential pick-up from other sites.

I dropped off my first month's rent and security deposit at my new place this afternoon. As I walked from the 2nd Ave stop to the apartment, I heard 'Thriller' blasting out onto the streets. It's strange how differently you hear a song when there's context to it. Nostalgia? I never particularly liked his music -- didn't hate it, but wasn't a fan either.

I wondered if whoever was playing the song was thinking about it too. Over two months, and it's still... I don't know. Something you think about. I think that's all I wanted to say.

GameDaily Bylines, July-August

Guitar Hero 5 Compatible with World Tour DLC and On-Disc Tracks
Backwards song compatibility and interface improvements are great, yet we can't help but think... didn't Rock Band 2 do this last year?

Five Things You Need to Know About Avatar for Wii
The game debuts alongside James Cameron's return to feature films this December - here's what you need to know about the Wii version.

Booyah Society Gives You Real-Life Achievements
It's like being back in kindergarten and getting gold stars for doing chores.

Meet the New Games, Same as the Old Games
Originality? What's that? A look back at the games you were playing last year and their 2009 counterparts.

Ten Video Game Summer Flings
Our video game picks will keep you entertained for a few months without demanding a serious commitment.

Celebs and Tourists Mingle at Wii Sports Resort Showcase
Nintendo pulled out all the stops by bringing Wuhu Island to the middle of New York City's Times Square.

Battlefield 1943 Review
A solid WWII downloadable shooter keeps us entertained while we wait for fall's big releases.

Stylish New Borderlands Trailer Touts '87 Bazillion Guns'
Wii MotionPlus How-To Video Seems Slightly Pervy
Sony's EyePet and Microsoft's Milo -- Separated at Birth?
First Modern Warfare 2 MP Footage Shows off AC130 Killstreak Reward
An Inside Look at The Beatles: Rock Band