Thanking Twitter - @chaibot

This year has been pretty awesome, in part because of some amazing people I have had the honor of getting to know via Twitter. This is a thank-you note to someone who has made an impact on my life!

I first met Rachel grabbing burgers at Father's Office in LA, where Trina (a Twitter Thank You for another night) had arranged for a small group of local ladies involved in the games industry to meet up and hang out. There were more than a few beers consumed that night which might explain the focus of our conversation (salacious gossip about men we had in our lives and in our past), but I knew immediately we were going to get along.

We kept in brief touch via Twitter over the next while, and through those interactions I learned that she was an amazing, smart and insightful person who I could talk to not only about the drama of the everyday, but also about game design and experience and making cool stuff. I loved grabbing dinner with her when she was in NYC for a night -- finding a ton of commonality and companionship in the way we'd been handling respective relationships (-type-things) but also discussing our careers and what exciting things we were going to accomplish. I don't even mind when she accidentally calls me when she intends to reach someone else, 'cause I know she'll follow up with a real call later.

And even though I really only hung out with her a few times in person, and now she's off in Shanghai learning about the game industry over there (and then blogging about it here! and I don't even KNOW when I'm going to see her next -- I still smile when I get a note/reply from her.

And then today, she arranged for me to get a set of stuffed animals, just because I'd been whining to her a few weeks ago about things I was upset with. All the way from China.

So thanks Twitter, for letting @chaibot be part of my life.