Thanking Twitter - @chrisa9

This year has been pretty awesome, in part because of some amazing people I have had the honor of getting to know via Twitter. This is a thank-you note to someone who has made an impact on my life!

Christian doesn't let me get away with bullshit.

We met at the Village Pourhouse in East Village during one of the Rock Band bar nights after having talked on Twitter for a short while. Didn't even talk much that night. I'm pretty sure the very next time we met was at The Ginger Man (drinking - notice a trend?), where he, myself and another dear friend talked about game design and relationships and Real Talk -- for hours. We hit on waitresses, made them bring us more food, drank ridiculous amounts of delicious beer and somehow just... bonded. Over the next months, we talked online weekly about making games, shared ideas, helped each other polish our resumes and applications to land jobs. And as a side benefit - we both got to indulge in our more expensive habits like eating and drinking wine at great restaurants, seeing plays and being really great platonic 'activity partners'.

I'm not always sure how to describe our friendship. He's like a twin brother - not older and overprotective, not younger and needing guidance. In fact, he's probably one of few guy friends I have who won't baby me and try to overtly 'take care of me.' He makes me stand up for myself and pushes me to do better work, to suck it up and stop whining and take action. He doesn't judge, and always follows up to see how I am, even with his ridiculous busy life. And for that, I'm so grateful.

It genuinely blows that he lives in Chicago now and that we can't hang out on a regular basis, but I have a feeling that's temporary. Somewhere down the road, we're going to start our own studio and make awesome, awesome games.

Hey Twitter - here's some real talk. @chrisa9 rocks.