Thanking Twitter - Coming Soon

So, I'm good at writing personal writing. I'm not so good at writing about like, other stuff. I dunno. Maybe I just happened to journal a lot as a young(er) girl. Maybe I overthink shit and have a lot of explaining and expounding to do.

But I also don't talk nearly enough about the other people in my life. And as it happens, it occurred to me the other day how influential Twitter has been in connecting me with the people who have shaped and contributed to my life in 2010.

So I'm going to start writing about a few of those people, and why I am so lucky to have had them. This is like a really lengthy #followfriday, I guess. I just think maybe sometimes I don't tell the people who I love how much I appreciate having them in my life and what a big impact they made. So in the spirit of ending the year the right way... I'll be writing about each of them before 2010 wraps up. :)