Thanking Twitter - @gamingangel

This year has been pretty awesome, in part because of some amazing people I have had the honor of getting to know via Twitter. This is a thank-you note to someone who has made an impact on my life!

I was a bridesmaid for the first time this year, thanks to Trina. I had the honor of being in her wedding this past September and it's still kind of shocking that I met her just over two years ago.

I started following Trina on Twitter prior to 2008's E3. I was searching for other writers who would be attending the show, and stumbled across We met up after EA's press conference that year, and have been chatting weekly ever since.

We talked about being females in a male-dominated industry. We gossiped about "gamer girls" and how much we disliked their image. And then felt guilty and decided to focus more on the women who were doing good work in our circles instead of being catty (most of the time, anyhow). She was there for me in multiple instances of distress, as well as by my side during New Years and Vegas and summer parties, making sure I was taken care of no matter how much I protested that I Was Okay.

She's like the grown-up sister I never had, giving and caring and always asks how I'm doing first even if she has something else on her mind she wants to talk about. I love that she can be so smart and down to earth when it comes to serious issues, but also enthused and lit up like a kid when it comes to Hello Kitty and gaming.

Thanks Twitter! I would have never met @gamingangel without ya.