Month: January 2011

A Blog Post A Day

Today, my old Aol coworker Laurent Courtines called us to action: write one blog post every day. Today I'm accepting his challenge!

I have new composition and publishing gadgets (Epic and Macbook Air), new toys for sources of ideas (PS3 and new games), and a ton of travel/events coming up to talk about.

Here's a list of ideas for later reference:
- continued Thanking Twitter series, because surely more than 3 people have impacted me over the years I've been using the service.
- additional pieces for Game Theory, if they'll have me.
- the social gaming column I've been promising Trina I'd write for GamingAngels forever ago.
- ideas and experiments in game design.
- reactions to games, console and otherwise, I play.

And here's why I'll accomplish writing daily:
- deny the lizard brain! linchpin it up.
- creating content makes me happy
- I forgot I'm um, a damn good writer when I like what I writing.
- should show that I can do design, if only for future speaking engagements
- I need some discipline.

So let's do this 2011. Writing something every day.