Tiny Moments

There was a boy that I would fall asleep next to every once in a while. I'm kind of a nervous/anxiety-ridden sleeper - it takes me a while to wind my thoughts down. But it also created this tiny moment that put me at ease. The weight of his head resting against the back of my own - it meant that I knew the exact moment he fell asleep because it would get ever-so-slightly heavier when he dozed off. I like to think that being able to feel that 'drop' relaxed me so that I too could fall asleep, knowing that little bit of trust and intimacy was there for him to rest soundly. Not the best story to tell, and even potentially creepy, but it was a consistent piece in our something of a strange, intense relationship that makes me smile when I come back to thinking about it. There's a comfort in that tiny amount of extra pressure that made me feel very at peace.