GameDaily Bylines, End of August

A Feature... Ten More Uses for the Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard
It may only be compatible with one video game, but look at all the other things the $120 peripheral can do!

A Preview... The Beatles: Rock Band Story Mode Unlocks Rare Beatles Photos, Clips
Candid shots of the Fab Four will include anecdotes and trivia fact-checked by Paul McCartney himself.

A Post... Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Un-Boxed!
We unboxed our most puzzling box yet!

GameDaily Bylines, July-August

Guitar Hero 5 Compatible with World Tour DLC and On-Disc Tracks
Backwards song compatibility and interface improvements are great, yet we can't help but think... didn't Rock Band 2 do this last year?

Five Things You Need to Know About Avatar for Wii
The game debuts alongside James Cameron's return to feature films this December - here's what you need to know about the Wii version.

Booyah Society Gives You Real-Life Achievements
It's like being back in kindergarten and getting gold stars for doing chores.

Meet the New Games, Same as the Old Games
Originality? What's that? A look back at the games you were playing last year and their 2009 counterparts.

Ten Video Game Summer Flings
Our video game picks will keep you entertained for a few months without demanding a serious commitment.

Celebs and Tourists Mingle at Wii Sports Resort Showcase
Nintendo pulled out all the stops by bringing Wuhu Island to the middle of New York City's Times Square.

Battlefield 1943 Review
A solid WWII downloadable shooter keeps us entertained while we wait for fall's big releases.

Stylish New Borderlands Trailer Touts '87 Bazillion Guns'
Wii MotionPlus How-To Video Seems Slightly Pervy
Sony's EyePet and Microsoft's Milo -- Separated at Birth?
First Modern Warfare 2 MP Footage Shows off AC130 Killstreak Reward
An Inside Look at The Beatles: Rock Band

GameDaily Bylines, June-July

DroplitZ Review
The Pipe Mania-like puzzle game is psychedelic, seriously addictive (like any good casual game) and beats a "won't go away" soundtrack into your head.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review
The surprise M-rated title on Nintendo's household-friendly handheld becomes one of our favorite portable games of the year.

Fifteen New Beatles: Rock Band Tracks Revealed!
Plus, scope the new cinematic trailer, and find out how the game's new Vocal Training mode works.

Confirmed! Fourteen Games You'll See on Shelves in 2009
We get on-the-record confirmations for 14 games that you'll be able to play by year's end.

20 Totally Overused Words in Game Names
Did you play Super Age of War: Eternal Legend? We hear it's the best!

10 Coolest Moments in Halo & Bungie History
In celebration of Bungie Day, we reminisce on the times that made us Halo fans go nuts.

Video Game Yearbook Awards
At the end of another great year of getting schooled in video games, we name the most athletic, flirtatious, most likely to be president and more.

Ripped from the Tabloids: Celebs in Sims 3
Sims 3 fans have been busy crafting celebrity characters, downloadable to your game for free. See our must-have list.

Why Three Upcoming Video Game Movies Will Tank
Mini Coopers Get Pimped Out with Pac-Man, Space Invaders Graphics
Michael Jackson: A Video Game Retrospective
Could Classic Adventure Game Grim Fandango Get Remade?
Gaming's Greatest Freakouts: Fake or Real?
Devoted Nintendo Fan Gets NES Controller Etched Into His Skin
Sims 3 Mania Takes Hold, Shattering EA Sales Records

Bungie Day Brings Exclusive Recon Armor to Halo 3
Valve Working on Cross-Game Play Between Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
Gears of War 2 Gets Updates, EXP for Horde Mode
Confirmed: Left 4 Dead 2 Multiplayer Demo Coming
More Left 4 Dead Content to be Announced by End of Summer
New Mass Effect DLC Details Coming This Week
BioShock/Oblivion Bundle Arrives July 7 for $29.99 on the PC, $39.99 on the Xbox 360
'Halo 3 Killer' Gets 23 Years to Life in Prison
Epic Denies Plans for Gears of War 2 on PC

E3 2009 Articles

Hands-On: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
A new Phantom companion freshens up the dungeons in the DS's second Zelda game, even if we're still unsatisfied with the controls.

Hands-On: Joker Challenges Maps in Batman: Arkham Asylum
We got our hands on the PS3-exclusive Challenge Maps for the game featuring one of Arkham's crazier residents, the Joker.

We Play New Super Mario Bros. on Wii
We had so much fun with this game they had to pry the controller from our hands.

Impressions: Bioshock 2 Multiplayer
The series' long awaited multiplayer mode puts us smack in the middle of the civil war that destroyed Rapture before the events of the original Bioshock.

Feet-On: Tony Hawk Ride
We get our skate on with Activision's new motion-sensing controller (and manage not to fall off!)

Impressions: Guitar Hero 5
Activision's second entry in the full band music game shows promise and growth in the series.

Hands and Feet-On: Wii Fit Plus
We checked out three minigames designed to test our coordination and balance in Nintendo's fitness sequel.

Rock-On: LEGO Rock Band
The family-friendly LEGO series brings bricks and humor to the familiar beat-matching music series.

GameDaily Bylines, May

Lord of the Rings MMO for 360 to Potentially Debut at $12.99/month
An online survey reveals subscription fees, downloadable content and features for the upcoming (still unconfirmed) game.

Jay-Z and Eminem to Collaborate on DJ Hero
Songs from both artists will be featured in the game as well as a special edition bundle.

Video Games Rating PSA Creeps Us Out
Boston's mayor spearheads a new ratings education campaign.

BioShock Movie: Not Dead Yet!
'Prison Break' star Wentworth Miller hints at involvement in the movie.

How-To: Speed Up Loading Times on the Wii
A step-by-step guide to backing up your (legally purchased!) games to an external USB hard drive.

Microsoft Zune HD: the iPhone Killer?
Microsoft announces Zune HD, Xbox Live Integration and hints that more's coming soon

Guitar Hero 5 Rocks Out on September 1
New modes, songs and bands mean music fans will be rocking hard come this fall.

Watch Now: Full 2-Minute Modern Warfare 2 Trailer
Helis, stabbing, explosives and an evil European mastermind? This certainly ain't your father's Call of Duty.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Free-Flow Combat Mode Detailed
The dark knight doing what he does best: close-quarters combat against nameless thugs!

See BioShock 2's Big (and Little!) Sister in Action
Book our return tickets back to Rapture, please.

UFC 2009 Undisputed Recreates Classic Fights
UFC matchmaker Joe Silva teams up with publisher THQ to bring fan-favorite fights to the new mixed martial arts game.

More Pearl Jam Coming to Rock Band With Fan Favorites
Live tracks from the band's discography will be featured in a new project with Harmonix and MTV Games.

More Modern Warfare 2 Footage Surfaces
A short 15-second clip reveals helis, jets, subs and snowmobiles -- looks like Infinity Ward's anticipated shooter will be attacking on all fronts.

Peach, Chun-Li and Friends Get Naughty
Los Angeles burlesque show hosts Video Game Girls night. Barely safe for work photos follow!

GameDaily Bylines, April - May

Preview: Rock Band Unplugged
Can Harmonix's peripheral-less portable game live up to the popularity of its console brothers?

Pokemon Gold/Silver Remakes Confirmed
Expect to catch them all over again on the DS in North America soon.

Gears of War Movie "Looking Incredibly Good"
A new interview with the film's screenwriter confirms Marcus and Dom's big-screen debut is definitely still in the works.

Guess Which '30 Rock' Character Plays the Sims?
NBC's hit sitcom name-dropped EA's bestselling life simulation game during last night's episode. Who's the mystery gamer?

Rumor: Pokemon Gold/Silver REmake Coming to DS
A Japanese variety show hints at the announcement of new Pokemon games next week.

TIME Honors Rockstar's Houser Brothers for GTA
Annual TIME 100 lists the VPs as two of the world's most influential people.

Dead Rising Trailer Introduce New Hero, Chuck Greene
Unsurprisingly, the trailer also introduces a wealth of zombies.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Hits XBLA, PSN This Summer
PlayStation 3 owners get an exclusive demo of the fighting game starting tomorrow.

Sims Creator Will Wright and Mr. T Fight Nazis
A new adventure game pits the mohawked celeb and the well-known game designer against Nazis.

Playable Joker Villain Gives PS3 Gamers Something to Smile About
Batman's maniacal archnemesis will be available as a free download for owners of the PlayStation 3 version of Arkham Asylum.

Get Featured in the Sims 3
Follow Ashton Kutcher's Twitter for a place in The Sims 3 and a copy of every game EA makes in 2009.

Bane Gets Juiced Up in New Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer
Gotham's resident roid-head joins the cast of classic villains lining up to take a shot at the Dark Knight.

Six Sims Games We Don't Want (and Six We Do)
Because some expansion packs just hit way too close to home.

Batman Collector's Edition Includes Real Batarang
Plus, see how the enemies in Arkham Asylum don't stand a chance against the stealth-tastic Batman.

GameDaily Bylines, Jan - April

Halo Encyclopedia to Hit Stores in Nov. 2009
The 352-page full color book will detail the Halo universe's characters, vehicles, locations and more.

Rock Band Joins PSP Setlist on June 9, 2009
New trailer for Rock Band's handheld debut shows off the game's instrument-less controls.

Quiz Time! Which Game is This Box Quote From?
Video game boxes are supposed to convince us that THIS is the game we want to buy, but we couldn't help feeling that these descriptions over-represent the game inside the box.

Rant: What's In a Game Name?
BioShock and Call of Duty lead the hubbub over official titles. We say: who cares?

Fake Headlines: 10 We Wish Were True & 10 That Actually Came True
It's April Fool's day, so yes, we're know you're already skeptical of every headline on the internet.

Husband Kills Wife Over Grand Theft Auto
In an ironic twist, the man stabbed his game-playing wife, who was obsessed with GTA.

Report: Violent Games Improve Your Eyes
Kids, print this one out for your parents: a new study suggests playing violent games can improve your eyesight.

Totally Twisted Pokemon
These bizarre Pokemon drawings had us LOLing all day long.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Confirmed
Fresh out of last night's Game Developer Choice Awards, a new teaser trailer for Infinity Ward's highly anticipated sequel.

Behind the Scenes Video: Beyonce Talks Rhythm Heaven and the New DSi
Super Mario player, Wii lover and R&B popstar kicks off the Nintendo DSi ad campaign with the quirky musical game.

[Update] Fallout 3 DLC Now Fixed, Ready to Download
Bethesda pulls downloadable episode, The Pitt, just hours after its release.

GTA Cover Gets Nintendo Power Banned from School
Wait, we're not allowed to read about video games either?

Gotta Catch 'Em All: Pokemon Cosplay at Pokemon Platinum Launch
GameDaily ventured out into chilly New York last Saturday for the launch of Pokemon Platinum for the DS. Nintendo brought music, carnival games and even a prize-filled ball pit -- fans brought their best costumes.

Big Sister Comes Out to Play in BioShock 2
Rapture's little sisters have all grown up - see the first image of BioShock 2's sleek antagonist.

New Tomb Raider: Underworld Download Hits Xbox 360
Play as Lara's evil twin in the new Xbox 360-exclusive add-on, Lara's Shadow, available now for 10 bucks.

Exclusive: New Godfather II Trailer
We get an early look at the new Godfather II trailer. Spoiler: the game will feature guns and explosions. Probably a lot of them.

Pre-Order GTA: Chinatown Wars, Get Exclusive Content
Unlock a souped-up sports car if you pre-order the upcoming DS game through Amazon.

Spore Wants You to Create Its Best App
Heads up, aspiring developers! Maxis is challenging you to create the coolest Spore app ever.

First Footage: Spore Galactic Adventures
EA's god simulator gets its second expansion pack this spring. Check out the first footage of its new features!

Street Fighter IV Launch Party Brings Out Hollywood's Stars
Fans of the fighting series brushed elbows with the LA elite at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Madden NFL 09 Predicts Super Bowl XLIII's Champions!
EA's annual football video game calls the Steelers victory over a week before the big matchup.

Second Gears of War 2 Title Update ReleasedExtensive fixes include patched exploits, improved balancing and seven new achievements.

More Steve Miller, Godsmack and Mute Math Come to Rock Band
Celebrate inauguration week with "The Joker," "Space Cowboy" and more.

Halo Wars Soundtrack Hits February 17
Ensemble Studios' Halo RTS gets a two-disc score treatment.

Resident Evil 5 Xbox Live Demo arrives Jan. 26
Resident Evil 5 demo premieres exclusively on the Xbox Live; PlayStation 3 demo to follow.

Preview: Patapon 2
All the good parts of the original Patapon remain, but some of the bad parts tagged along too.

Recent Activity

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NY Daily News: Moms Become Pro Gamers
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Impressions: Spore Galactic Adventures
Fire Emblem for DS Goes Mainstream: an Interview with the Developers
Star Wars: Battlefront III Footage Makes Us Drool
Compilation: GameDaily HUD 2008 Season Finale

E3 Says it Loves Us But Our Therapist Thinks It's an Abusive Relationship

This was originally going to be a Best/Worst of E3 2008 post, but I ended up contributing to the GameDaily one anyway, so that went out the window. I'm responsible for these Bests: Resident Evil 5, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, and Worsts: You're in the Movies, Wii MotionPlus.

Instead, here's a gem of a quote from Chris Grant from when I was driving him and the Joystiqs around LA last week.

"Bungie and Microsoft are like the couple that always argues, and everyone knows it. But then one day he slaps her, in public, and everyone is like, 'Whoa, did that really just happen?'"
- Joystiq Editor-in-Chief Chris Grant, on the Bungie snub during Microsoft's E3 2008 Conference.

Post-E3 Link Roundup


Hands-On: Flower: The follow-up to 2007's flOw makes interesting strides, but we're still waiting for something more.

Eyes-On: inFamous: Sucker Punch's new action adventure is more impressive than screenshots and trailers can show.

Hands-On: Rock Band II: Rock Band's second tour is one we can't wait for.

Hands-On: Flock: We don't know what, exactly, makes assorted spherical farm animals so gosh darn cute. Whatever it is, we like it.

Hands-On: Mirror's Edge: DICE's sleek new first person adventure game turns heads... and corners.

Hands-On: LEGO Batman: The Dark Knight snaps into his LEGO debut.


Crashed a Gears of War 2 party with @batgirl. Played Rock Band 2 for hours with @nickchester. Ran into @russ_fischer like, everywhere. Brief encounter pre-concert with @majornelson. Finally met @gamingangel, even though she was lame and totally ditched the party. Drove @chrisgrant and his band of jolly Joystiq-ers around. Was about to open for The Who with @tiffchow but everyone rushed to get good seats. High-fived @HarmonixSean more times than I can recall. Caught @ncroal with phones in both hands on multiple occasions (see proof below).


N'Gai on the phone while everyone else was partying.
N'Gai on the phone AT THE WHO CONCERT. Geoff Keighley looks on.
GameDaily takes over Microsoft Press Conference.
Robin and Libe at El Compadre (with Rockstar Games' Steve Hahnel and Bruce Dugan hanging out in the background).
Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos chugging a Heineken while still managing to get 100% on his expert guitar solo.
Duffy performs at Microsoft Presser.
Robin performs headbang at Rock Band suite party, or is the girl from The Grudge.

[GameDaily] Steal That Style: Niko Bellic

StealNikosStyle_3.jpgWe like to mix things up. Here's a recent feature that I put together detailing the style behind main Grand Theft Auto IV character Niko Bellic's badassery.

The idea came from men's site's 'Steal That Style' series, where they dissect clothing choices of celebrity men.

[Link] Steal That Style: GTA IV's Niko Bellic

Interview with Jason Priestly

DSC_0072.jpgStopped by the Mario Kart launch party at Rockefeller Plaza today and snagged an interview with 90210's Jason Priestly!

Are there red and blue shells in real race car driving?
[Laughs] Uh, not really. Not so much. There's not a real comparison between the two, but Mario Kart is a lot of fun and that's really what it's for. The whole point of video games is to have fun, it's about having fun with your friends. And the Wii, I've found, is more fun for a lot of people than any other gaming platform.

[Link] Interview: Jason Priestly on Mario Kart Wii
[Link] Flickr: Mario Kart Wii Launch Party (with Chace Crawford, too!)