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Thanks Guy Kawasaki for getting my feed on! If nothing else, it'll encourage me to post more frequently - with meatier content. :)

If you're unfamiliar with it, Alltop is a news site to end all news sites. It grabs headlines from news outlets to personal blogs and compiles them in a single page for each category. For example, lists all the latest headlines from a ton of gaming websites (GameDaily's on there, too!) And (where I've been listed) features blogs written by us kids in our twenties.

It's a site for people who don't like/know RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Maybe your mom doesn't know how to use Google Reader. Maybe you just want all your sports news in one place.

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Meet Chester

Just tested out Spore's Creature Creator. He's so cute! See him in action over at the GameDaily YouTube Channel

Spore looks pretty amazing. It's been a long wait but all signs point to it being worth it. Look for the demo download on tomorrow!

For Real?

Willis: dude have you heard of bloc party?
Robin: is that a game?
Willis: no, it's a band.

My Week-long Retail Experience

So I managed to secure a retail job at the Victoria's Secret on Third Street Promenade this past Monday. These are the reasons I'm quitting after working for less than a week:

1) The pay is shit.
2) It takes an hour to drive to Santa Monica, and another hour back (given mediocre traffic).
3) The pay is shit and I only get about 15 hours a week.
4) Parking costs $3-7 per day I work.
5) Trying to hawk store credit cards and upsell make me want to shoot myself.
6) Standing for 3 hours at a time (with 15 min breaks) in heels is death. And I *like* heels.
7) A manager must escort you to the front door and inspect your handbag every time you leave the store. NO JOKE.
8) The pay is shit.

All in all, it's not worth it, considering that after gas, taxes, and parking, I'm making less than $100 a week.

My Next Two Weeks

sunsetmalibu.png Monday, May 5 - Finish Sociology research proposal by 5pm.

Tuesday, May 6 - Finish last week's stats homework, turn in to SIPA. Go to work. Health appt. at 6pm.

Wednesday, May 7 - Work. Finish Sociology of Sexuality take-home final. FIND SOMEWHERE TO CRASH.

Thursday, May 8 - Turn in final. Work. Start research for stats project. Read for immigration final.

Friday, May 9 - Work. Take a break?

Saturday, May 10 to Monday, May 12 - Study for immigration final, finish stats project.

Tuesday, May 13 - Turn in stats project.Take immigration final 1-4pm. Celebrate.

Wednesday, May 14 - Work. Pack. Sell used books. Shopping for dress and shoes. Find somewhere to crash for Saturday night.

Thursday, May 15 - Work. DUHH. Pack. Shopping continued.

Friday, May 16 - Work. Finish packing. Shopping finish if necessary.

Saturday, May 17 - Suitcases to wherever I'm crashing tonight. JB's wedding in the afternoon, reception at night. PARTY.

Sunday, May 18 - Leave for [see image].


milan, bologna, florence, riccione. statues (naked). wine. dimly lit streets. narrow alleyways with punk rock kids. gelato and cappuccinos and cafe (espressos). statues (real people). fresh markets, dried fruits. open air. ordering things in ones twos and fives. empty cozy restaurants with cheery old italian hosts. (more) wine. panini and pizza. balconies with ashtrays and a small gathering of matchsticks.


dublin, galway. green. mini cadbury eggs. guinness. shady handsy potential ex-IRA members. (more guinness) and cobblestones everywhere. leprechauns and david spade-alikes. charming danish boys. insects and sea creatures on parade. vodka and fanta at the mcdonald's. rainy buses.

This place needs more color

It's too rainy to go out and take photos. Other ways to add color to this? Is this hopeless?


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